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The Dead Ships

The Dead Ships are definitely an LA band to watch in 2012.  NME recently posted a video from their last LA show of the band covering “Back To Black” by Amy Winehouse and they are currently a finalist in the Red Bull Soundstage competition (along with A House For Lions). 

Check out their song “Canyon” here and don’t miss them this Thursday 4/5 for Traffic CTRL at The Airliner!

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Last Goodbye - single

A House For Lions

A House For Lions was recently featured by Billboard as one of their 8 things seen and heard at sxsw.  Check out their single “Last Goodbye” here and see below to read the nice things that Billboard had to say about the band.

Oh, and come see them this Thursday, April 5th for Traffic CTRL at The Airliner!

"L.A.’s A House for Lions showed off a robust rock sound at Rusty’s on Wednesday, adding garage ferocity to the softer, ’90s-influenced alt-rock of debut EP “I Want Us to Be Remembered.” The group just finished a new batch of demos, including electric scorcher “XOX,” and hopes to record its debut album over the summer.”


Photos from Traffic CTRL @ The Airliner on March 1st, 2012

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Broken Arrows

Francisco the Man

Francisco The Man are trying to get to SXSW and need your help!  Head over to Talenthouse and vote for the band to be featured down in Austin this March.  

Be sure to check out their single “Broken Arrows” and don’t miss them this Thursday 3/1 for Traffic CTRL at The Airliner.  

"The indie-rockers’ newest two-song single goes for epic and hits it, at least with “Broken Arrows,” a cinematic 6-minute excursion with the expansiveness (but not quite the country flavor) of Band of Horses."

-Buzzbands LA

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The Captain


John Carpenter has been playing around Los Angeles for the last few years, perfecting his dirty blues rock sound.  He has been hard at work in the studio crafting his hext record, which is sure be great, judging by his debut full length “Fairy Tales Forgotten.” 

Listen to “The Captain” here and come check out his set on Thursday, March 1st for Traffic CTRL at The Airliner.  

"There’s something autumnal and spooky about his soulful, romantic rock ‘n’ roll."


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Broken Arrows

The Ross Sea Party

The Ross Sea Party are definitely one of Los Angeles’ breakout indie bands of the last year (in fact, they were voted 9th in The Deli’s 2011 Emerging Artists poll).  

If you haven’t yet experienced their upbeat, eclectic sound, check out “Broken Arrows” here and don’t miss their set on Thursday, 3/1 at Traffic CTRL at The Airliner.  

"While paying homage to their influences, the band has simultaneously managed to create an unmistakable and unique sound. Characterized by spacious instrumentation and singer Brady Erickson’s unique voice atop energetic and pervasive rhythms, the songs remain simple, catchy and melodic at their core."

-Filter Magazine

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For Feeling

Tic Tic Boom!

Check out “For Feeling” by Tic Tic Boom!, the lead single from their upcoming EP Before The Sun Rises.  Head to their Bandcamp page to download the track for free and come see them live on Thursday, 3/1 at The Airliner!

"You can almost smell the perfume and sweat from the dancefloor in the electro-pop of L.A. quartet Tic Tic Boom!, whose swirling synths and disco sheen recall the days of Club MTV more than the cut-and-paste indie electronica that followed.”

-Buzzbands LA 

Photos from Traffic CTRL @ The Airliner on February 2nd, 2012