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Spaceships recently released their fantastic debut EP, which is currently available for free download over at their bandcamp page.   

Check out the lead-off track “In The Sun” and come see them this Thursday, 5/3 for Traffic CTRL at The Airliner.

"In the six songs on their extensively replayable self-titled EP, Waite and co-conspirator Kevin LaRose go a long way to capture the greatness of 90’s lo-fi without brazenly imitating the decade’s marquee indie acts.

They play with Clinton-era indie, garage, and even grunge with a true punk’s sense of irreverence, exceedingly competent at getting the sound and feeling right, but also defiantly infusing their own personality.”

-Passion Of The Weiss

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Tennis System

Tennis System have been making waves in Los Angeles, ever since they relocated here from DC one year ago.  They are hands down one of LA’s most exciting live bands, but don’t just take my word on it. 

Come see Tennis System this Thursday, 5/3 for Traffic CTRL at The Airlner and check out their single “Arcane” here. 

"The noisy, earnest legacy of Sonic Youth, My Bloody Valentine, and the Jesus and Mary Chain lives on in the expansive, catchy-as-hell pop songs of Tennis System."


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Sink Into You


Indians head up the bill for this Thursday’s Traffic CTRL show at The Airliner.  They just released their self-titled debut album, which has quickly become a favorite amongst Los Angeles music fans.

Check out their track “Sink Into You” and be sure to catch them this Thursday, 5/3 for Traffic CTRL at The Airliner. 

"Their self-titled debut is like listening to the offspring of a twisted triumvirate coalescence of David Byrne, David Bowie and Billie Joe Armstrong."

Photos from Traffic CTRL @ The Airliner on April 5th, 2012

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Never Know the Difference

Bad Lamps

Bad Lamps released their debut EP last year to many positive reviews and a rapidly growing fanbase.

If you like “Never Know The Difference” as much as I do, be sure to head over to their Bandcamp page to download their Soultronic EP for any price. 

Also, come see them this Thursday 4/5 for Traffic CTRL at The Airliner. 

"Bad Lamps throw a healthy mix of organic instrumentation, electronic beats, and catchy lyrics into their music to create a sound as warm and sunny as the city they take their inspiration from. " 


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The Dead Ships

The Dead Ships are definitely an LA band to watch in 2012.  NME recently posted a video from their last LA show of the band covering “Back To Black” by Amy Winehouse and they are currently a finalist in the Red Bull Soundstage competition (along with A House For Lions). 

Check out their song “Canyon” here and don’t miss them this Thursday 4/5 for Traffic CTRL at The Airliner!